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Rapid aluminum alloy shutter door

Shanghai jing peng aluminum alloy rapid rolling door, also known as hard and fast volume, is a kind of security, a new type of metal heat partition fast shutter, reliable, practical, easy to operate, the comprehensive advantages of high speed door and industrial slippery rise, heat preservation, high speed. Unique design, elegant appearance, super long service life, good sealing performance, high speed and noiseless.

Technical parameters

Door body appearance: 77 type hollow aluminum foamed 0。8mm thick;

Switch mode: standard button control;

Wind resistance: 12m/s;

Balance system: standard balance system, keep the door curtain perpendicular and open smoothly; Safety system: built-in safety fuse and insurance switch, automatic safety margin and safety electric eye, emergency status manually opened;

Optional configuration: radar control, geomagnetic control, manual pull rope control, remote control, double-sided button;

Control mode: frequency conversion control box;

Open speed: up to 3.0 meters/S, adjustable;

Motor power: 1.5kw - 2.2 kw;

Control power: 380V;

Motor position: on the right side of the door, on the left;

十大权威博彩正规游戏网址 Features: suitable for high temperature environment such as heat preservation, sealing, dustproof, frequent and frequent opening, etc.

Sealing performance: guide seal, door curtain connection seal;

Manual function: contains manual emergency device.

十大权威博彩正规游戏网址 Door curtain USES: widely used in the underground garage, car manufacturers, food, chemical, textile, electronics, supermarket, freezing, logistics, warehousing, and other places, can satisfy the high performance logistics and clean place.

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