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jingpeng industrial sliding door

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Shanghai jingpeng industrial sliding door size

Width 2440mm - 6000mm height 2300mm - 3000mm

2。 The thickness of the sliding door plate of Beijing peng industry

The surface of the door is made of 0.4-0.5mm thick aluminum and zinc plate, filled with the non-freon hard polyurethane foam material, the door plate filler is uniformly full and the insulation performance is extremely high

3. Beijing pengpeng industrial sliding door color

RAL9003 (light grey) RAL5015 (navy) RAL7040 (silver grey) door panel color selection。

4。 Jingpeng industrial sliding door track

There are 2 inches (51mm) and 3 inches (76mm) rails, all of which are made of hot galvanized steel plates with a thickness of 1.5mm thick. There are standard rail, low rail, high lift rail, vertical lifting rail and inclined shed lifting rail.

5. Beijing peng industrial sliding door balance system

External torsional spring balance system, the working life of twisted spring is 50,000-100,000 cycles。

6。 Beijing peng industrial sliding door seal

Bottom u-vinyl resin seal, anti-freeze, moisture-proof and waterproof infiltration, side, top, grooved seal seal, door panel connection, convex groove and heat partition tube or strip seal. Under the pressure of 50Pa, the density can reach 2.5 m cubed over m squared/h, and the lowest can reach 0.40m cubed/m squared/h.

7。 Sliding door access door

When the width of the door body is less than 5500mm, it can be selected for a variety of sizes。

8。 Safety of sliding doors

We provide anti-card device, airbag or infrared sensor. When the door body falls, the door control system will automatically rebound, so as to avoid the card housing people and the car, with the wire anti-fracture device, can safely up and down the door body, to prevent the occurrence of accidents.

9。 Industrial sliding door appearance

The inner and outer surfaces of the door body are specially processed to meet the appearance requirements of various modern industrial plants

10。 The wind resistance of jingpeng industrial sliding door

Through the interior of the door plate to strengthen the processing, cooperate with other strengthening accessories, our industrial gate can withstand the requirements of 12 gale

11。 Industrial sliding door transmission light

Our earthwork rectangle or elliptical design of double-layer insulated glass, external surround flexible rubber window, provides good lighting and transparency.

12. Anti-theft of industrial sliding doors

We provide special door latch and door lock, which can be locked from the inside, cooperate with the solid door body, and effectively guard against burglar

13. Industrial sliding doors observe small Windows

Various sizes of observation Windows can be selected according to the requirements.

14。 Door body wind load

180 kg/m

15. The flame retardant test reaches the level


16。 Industrial door opener

The fr95-cm industrial door opener

17。 Sliding door power

250 w, 330 w

18。 Beijing peng sliding door drive voltage

The single-phase 230V plus or minus 5% and three-phase 380V plus or minus 5%, 50Hz.

19. Industrial sliding door current

Single phase 1。7 A, three-phase 0。8 A

20. Beijing peng industrial sliding door transmission mode

Direct shaft drive and indirect chain drive

21。 Beijing peng sliding door output torque

Single-phase 50Nm, three-phase 60Nm

The maximum weight of the sliding door

Single-phase 350Kg, three-phase 700Kg

23. Limit mode

Mechanical and electron

24. Motor speed

1400 RPM

25。 Speed of operation

133 mm/s (UNI8612 standard)

26. Number of launches

100 times / 24 hours

27。 Operating temperature

- 15 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃

28. Deceleration mode


29. Manual operation

Use the control chain to realize the mechanical and electrical disconnection, carry out the manual operation. Also can realize quick pull rope way of hand movement.

30. Wireless remote control function

Provide fast and convenient wireless control。

31。 Control mode

Mechanical control.

32。 Industrial bearing supports

Can carry heavy load operation.

33。 Control box

24VAC, single-key control OPEN/CLOSE/STOP, emergency STOP switch electronic lock.

34. Safety control device

Optional air safety protection device, infrared safety protection device.

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