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Auto 4S shop dedicated perspective lift door, aluminum alloy lift perspective door JP-TS01

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  Product Name: Auto 4S shop dedicated perspective lift door, aluminum alloy lift perspective door JP-TS01

  Product Type: 5 + 5 + 2

  Shanghai Jingpeng perspective to enhance the door, industrial lifting door is the control box to control the motor rolling. Transparent pvc hard board aluminum alloy frame, both sides of the track slide upgrade, mainly to see inside and outside, and polyurethane doors are different, the above torsion spring balance. For the hangar door, garage door, hospital door, 4s shop installation is more suitable.

  Shanghai Jingpeng perspective to enhance the door, car 4s shop dedicated perspective door

  Jingpeng perspective to enhance the door Features:

  Beijing Peng lifting the door The product is widely used in automotive 4S shop, equipment exhibition hall, shopping malls and other occasions.

  First, the door by the aluminum alloy and polycarbonate glass combination, the use of German raw materials polycarbonate PC board, thickness of 3mm-5mm two, according to the width and window width to choose, with excellent anti-UV function , Its impact is 100 times the tempered glass.

  Door can choose a variety of standard colors, and a variety of anti-folder hand function, with a higher light transmission, so that the appearance of more beautiful appearance.

  Second, the mode of operation: According to the construction of a variety of options: standard 90 degrees on the slide; high way to enhance the middle beam balance vertical increase; vertical torsion spring vertical lift.

  Third, the safety device: 1, the door at the end of the airbag protection device (door down when the obstacles encountered, the door automatically open the reverse)

  Fourth, the infrared function (door closed when someone or objects through the door when blocking the infrared on the radio, the door open)

  Features: ① high-quality aluminum alloy ② high-strength impact PC board ③ high-speed operation of the motor ④ safety anti-fall device ⑤ show elegant building grade

  Fifth, the maximum size of the door can be made: vertical lift width 9.9M (high without limitations), standard elevation 9.9M (high without limitations)

  Structure: the beam, the next beam, said, outside the said, buckle, cover, bottom seal are made of high quality aluminum alloy material.

  Glass material: plexiglass, Agri panel, (according to customer needs to choose).

  Connection: screw connection

  Unique anti-clip design: fan and fan connection with arc-shaped design,

  Unique reinforced liner design increases the tensile strength between the door and the hinge.

  Color: according to customer needs, custom color。

  Jingpeng perspective to enhance the way: vertical, marked, semi-vertical

  Product materials are 1.0 mm ~ 2.0 mm high-quality aluminum alloy, the overall thickness of the door 40mm.

  The same specifications of the door, the whole transparent visibility aluminum sliding door than the same product body light solid.

  Jingpeng perspective perspective door sealing conditions are good, door joints embedded with a seal, more effective against sand, rain erosion.

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