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Strap fast door, stacking fast shutter door JP-BD05

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  Product Name: Belt quick door, stacking fast shutter door JP-BD05

  Product Type: 6/6/27

  Shanghai Jingpeng rapid accumulation of doors, automatic shutter doors, industrial shutter doors mainly by the door frame, the first door, the controller inverter, plc control motor, roller cloth a few pieces. Mainly used for the gate of the plant, the workshop installed with heat insulation. Case companies have car manufacturing company, 4s car shop, electronics factory, textile company, garage door, food company, abrasive production company. Shanghai Jingpeng curtain material Co., Ltd. professional research and development, manufacturing rapid accumulation of door manufacturers. Can be installed in various provinces and cities. Jingpeng production of fast doors, automatic rolling doors, industrial shutter doors, fast shutter doors, electric rolling doors for users to choose.

  High speed shutter doors, high-speed shutter doors, high-speed doors, automatic shutter doors, PVC shutter doors, high-speed shutter doors, with insulation, cold, moisture, dust, wind, fire, anti-odor, Noise, and other functions, the products are widely used in food, textile, electronics, machinery, pharmaceutical, printing, supermarkets, shopping malls, cold storage, warehousing, logistics, chemical, packaging and other places, suitable for logistics, Area of the hole, the wind requirements of higher indoor and outdoor doors。

  Fast stacking shutter doors for safety performance:

  The lower part of the door with a photoelectric protection system, the object through, the door does not fall;

  The bottom of the curtain is equipped with a pressure sensing system, and the obstruction will immediately rise;

  · Quick stacking door with manual joystick, if power failure can be manually controlled;

  • When the quick stack door is open or closed, the warning light flashes to indicate a warning;

  · Comes with fault recovery function, turn off the power 10 seconds, the system automatically reset;

  Shanghai Jingpeng rapid accumulation of the door specifications:

  ☆. Beijing Peng fast door size of the largest specifications can be done W6m × H12m.

  ☆。 Opening speed 0。8-1。8 m / s; closing speed 0。8-1。3 m / s。

  ☆。 Door frame structure and the curtain material: the fabric is 0。8mm thick made of high density PVC fabric or 1。0-1。5mm thick transparent PVC film。 The door frame material is 2。0mm thick Baosteel produces high quality cold rolled steel sheet, roasted, spray paint process or 2。0mm thick stainless steel or 3。5mm thick high quality aluminum alloy column with anti-oxidation treatment。

  ☆. Jingpeng fast door curtain color yellow, white, blue, red, silver gray or full transparent, the middle plus transparent window.

  ☆. Safety performance The bottom of the post is equipped with infrared safety device, while the bottom of the air curtain can be optional airbags (optional) to protect the door of the process of damage to personnel items, and the door eyeful red warning lights, When the warning effect.

  ☆. Sealing performance: the bottom with a flexible PVC gas barrier cloth or airbags, with a variety of uneven ground to maintain close integration. Pole seal with double brushes better increase its sealing and noise reduction effect.

  ☆. Power performance: the use of German famous brand fast door special motor or Taiwan brand integration reducer, electromagnetic brake motor, AC 220V or 380V optional, IP55, 50HZ.

  ☆. Wind resistance This type of product is mainly applied to the workshop internal logistics channel door, can also be used for external wind pressure or negative pressure situation difficult hole, channel. Wind resistance is weak, less than 3.5 wind power.

  ☆ Control mode: to provide you with a variety of manual or automatic system control to meet the various types of on-site door opening or closing the requirements to meet the different requirements of the production site.

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