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Automatic door volume market to promote industry development

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Automatic door volume market to promote industry development
The automatic volume door market standard work has done well, the industry can be healthy, stable, all-round development, can better serve the society. As far as the current situation is concerned, the market is not standard, giving fake and inferior products an opportunity to be mixed with fake and inferior products.

We should standardize the market, give full play to the initiative of associations at all levels and key enterprises in the industry, and do a good job in three aspects:

1. First of all, there should be a specific constitution, that is to say, there should be a specific basis for standardizing the market. The regulations of automatic door winding industry must be issued.

2, automatic door enterprise itself should be self check, should be completely transparent to users of quotation and production, good enterprise, successful enterprises are in accordance with the model of production and management in accordance with the law, in the guild regulations HangYao regulations, to take the lead in the first automatic door enterprise to drive the industry progress, also let to effectively stop the illegal management behavior.

3, it is the matter that the automatic door enterprise should build independently, improve the position in consumer's mind, brand construction also is very important, did not say more today, about the line of the automatic door enterprise, still have imperfect place, can come further perfect according to the concrete requirement of consumer.

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