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What door is good to install in modern industrial factory

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What door is good to install in modern industrial factory

As human beings enter the 21st century, low carbon, environmental protection, energy conservation and green has become the theme of economic development. Jingpeng high speed soft curtain door has intelligent control means and fast running speed and other superior performance. It is suitable for low carbon environmental protection economic development theme and meets the requirements of plant 6S field management, becoming the first choice of modern industrial plant door.

Modern industrial management mode pays more attention to energy saving, environmental protection, efficiency and intelligent automation level of the factory, so the selection of industrial plant doors will take into account the efficiency of daily work operation of the factory, different processes, rapid movement of products between the upper and lower processes to shorten transportation time and improve efficiency.

Jingpeng high speed soft curtain door has a fast lifting speed, the lifting speed can be up to 2 meters per second, and can be adjusted through frequency converter. Conventional industrial door factory is generally not more than 5 m, can be easy to calculate the closed shutter open it only takes 2 to 3 seconds, can greatly reduce vehicle personnel through time, personnel vehicle almost don't need to stay at the door, if cooperate with geomagnetic radar or remote intelligent sensors, such as pedestrians, workshop forklift truck, car, forklift, etc by the need to manually operation, shutter control induction signal automatically, traffic through, soft curtain door down. The working efficiency of the workshop was greatly improved. At the same time, the travel time of the vehicle in the logistics channel is shortened, that is to say, the rise and fall time of the rolling curtain is reduced, which can effectively obstruct the circulation of air inside and outside the workshop, so as to avoid the pollution of dust and dust in the environment of the workshop.

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