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The performance characteristic of the garage door of jing peng and market development prospect

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The performance characteristic of the garage door of jing peng and market development prospect

Jingpeng garage door is a kind of automatic quick door used in underground garage or parking lot. According to the material of the door body, it can be divided into color steel garage door and rolling curtain garage door. The editor shares its features and market prospects.

Performance characteristics: jingpeng garage door panel adopts high quality paint process, with bright color, generous appearance, simple and elegant; Fast running speed, high safety performance, super quiet operation, green and environmental protection; The startup device is equipped with emergency lock, which can be switched on and off when the power is off on site, which is convenient and easy. The airbag is provided at the bottom of the door body, which makes the garage door resist and rebound. The door body is in the state of "zero load". The guide rail relies on pulley movement, with small resistance, low energy consumption, low maintenance rate and durability. Fixed configuration is easy to remove hardware accessories, easy to replace, conducive to maintenance.

Development prospects: as people in the 21st century, swelling of the automobile market demand, and so did the garage door market fast growth, especially the plot underground garage, large business super parking lot for improve the image of the need to install high atmosphere automatic garage door, at the same time, the garage door installation can keep the garage clean and tidy, there will be no water sewage even if rainy weather, easy to clean and maintain. In recent years, our company has installed the garage door for the underground parking lot of a lot of residential property departments, and the customer reports that the residential property owners feel very good to use, which is a win-win situation for both the residential property owners and the property management departments. This side view of the garage door market needs to increase, and its performance is greatly improved. As a professional auto rapid door manufacturer, jingpeng door industry can not only meet the requirements in the traditional sense, but also meet the conventional functions of isolation, shielding, safety and sound insulation. The company's r&d department constantly innovates and expands the use function of garage door, and continuously meets the market requirements of low-carbon economy. Constantly meet the high-end demands of the market. Garage door market especially the development prospect of high-end garage door is very good.

Jingpeng garage door sold to more than a dozen provinces and cities as well as Taiwan, India, the United States and other markets, customer feedback is good. For more information about the jingpeng garage door, check out the company's hotline: 400-820-3520

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