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ingpeng four-door interlock linkage fast door successfully applied to box horse fresh supermarket

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Jingpeng four-door interlock linkage fast door successfully applied to box horse fresh supermarket

Shanghai jingpeng interlock quick rolling curtain door, automatic rolling curtain door, electric rolling curtain door is two, three or more door locks linkage dustproof insulation partition door. One door raises another door closes, another raised linkage door after passing. Shanghai box horse fresh rolling door is one of the successful cases of jingpeng linkage rapid door.

The main characteristic of linkage quick door is the workshop dustproof level is high, prevent fly mosquito to enter workshop, roll curtain door speed can adjust speed according to demand. Base cloth rolling curtain wear-resistant, light. Shanghai jingpeng door curtain company specializing in the manufacture of several sets of door chain interlock door. Mature technology, easy installation. Customized according to customer needs. The controller controls the motor. Each door can be individually upgraded. Easy operation of automatic in and out, their own switch, dustproof partition effect good.

Introduction of Shanghai jingpeng rapid door interlock:

1. Rapid rolling door frame material

The door frame is made of cold rail with 2.0mm thickness from baosteel. It is made by folding edge processing and high-quality painting process. The color is optional.

2. Material of curtain for door of jingpeng electric rolling curtain

(1) production place of high-density industrial base cloth: France thickness: 0.8mm

(2) technical parameters:

Tensile strength (longitude/latitude) : 5700/5100 N/5cm;

Spalling strength (longitude/latitude) : 900/800 N;

Temperature: - 30 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃;

Fire rating: French standard nf-p92-503 or German standard M2 DIN 4102 B1

(2) transparent PVC film

The transparent window can choose rectangle or oval, which increases the security and management convenience.

(ii) rapid rolling door interlock characteristics:

1. Application range of fast rolling shutter door linkage:

With insulation, cold insulation, insect-resistant, windproof, dustproof, sound insulation, fire prevention, prevent multiple functions such as odor daylighting, and widely used in food, chemical, textile, refrigeration, electronics, printing, supermarket refrigeration assembly, precision machinery, logistics, warehousing and other places, apply to the logistics channel, large area of the mouth of the cave, windproof require higher inside and outside the door. Can improve the satisfaction of high-performance logistics and clean space, and save energy, improve air conditioning effect, high-speed automatic shutdown, improve efficiency and other advantages.

2. Opening and closing speed:

0.6 1.5 m/S

3. Safety performance of automatic door winding:

Orange photoelectric tube flash, when the door open or close, red lights flash to warn, with manual rocker can be opened and closed gently when power failure, more safety, convenience.

4. Sealing performance of automatic door winding:

Flexible PVC base cloth is installed at the bottom, which can be closely combined with all kinds of uneven ground to reach the standard of sealing. Sealing brush is installed on both sides of the door post, which can reduce noise and increase sealing effect.

5. Air pressure resistance of automatic wiper door

The door curtain is equipped with aluminum alloy anti-wind bar. The number of anti-wind bars is selected according to the wind pressure. The more the number is, the stronger the anti-wind pressure performance is.

6. Dynamic performance of automatic door winding:

Global famous brand BONFIGLIOLI; Motor, three-phase 380V, 50HZ, IP55, power 0.75-3.0kw

7. Automatic door winding control method:

The company provides you with a variety of manual or automatic control systems to meet the user's requirements on the opening or closing of doors :1. Manual button control 2. Manual cable control 3.

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