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Jingpeng door industry for you to talk about the industrial quick volume door can not lift the reason [ 09-25 14:08 ]
With the advantages of low carbon, environmental protection and convenient use, the industrial quick roll door can replace the traditional industrial door and be quickly popularized in the industrial field. However, sometimes the quick winding door will fail to rise or fall, which will bring adverse impact on the production of customers. Therefore, when the high-speed door cannot be opened or closed,
How to enhance the wind resistance of the stacked door [ 09-19 13:19 ]
arge anti-wind flexible stacked door is a new generation of quick winding door product developed by jingpeng rapid rolling door manufacturer. In the inland areas of northwest China, there are many windy and sandstorm weather, and the coastal areas, especially the islands around the sea, are prone to typhoon strong convection weather. Based on the demands of customers in these areas, the research and development team of jingpeng specially adds the high-strength wind-resistant stacking door with wind-resistant design.
An Analysis of the Prospects of the Strong Development Prospects of China 's Rapid Gate Market [ 06-02 09:40 ]
The global fast-door manufacturers are trying to develop in China, China's world's largest fast-door production and manufacturing center and the largest sales market, fast door industry prospects for the development of considerable.
Professional fast shutter doors manufacturers to provide a good fast shutter doors [ 06-02 09:39 ]
After the 21st century, the living standards of our people generally improved, with the rich materials, the people of the demand for goods more and more harsh, fast shutter doors get people's attention, we are a professional fast shutter doors manufacturers, welcome to buy The
Automatic roll door role [ 06-02 09:37 ]
Many shops and manufacturers when decorating, are like to choose what kind of door safety and so that I'll give you an automatic roll door. The advent of automatic rolling doors not only reduces the energy costs used by the business, but also helps protect the environment and responsibly use valuable raw materials.
Automatic rolling door market to promote the development of the industry [ 06-02 09:35 ]
Automatic rolling door market norms work well, the industry can be healthy, solid, comprehensive development, in order to better serve the community.

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